Yamaha 48V DC Cord Set

Part Numbers: CGR-024, 10891
SKU 10891
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Yamaha 48V DC Cord Set, suits Yamaha G19 & G22 electric golf cart

Yamaha Charger Plug

Part Numbers: JR1-H235A-00 YA, MAC-M1409-80 YA, CGR-090 RH, 9101
SKU JR1-H235A-00
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Yamaha golf cart DC Charger Plug, G19-G22
Fits Yamaha 48-volt MAC chargers.

RXV State of Charge Meter

Part Numbers: 25854G01
SKU 25854G01
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RXV State of Charge Meter

EZGO Charger Handle, 36V

Part Numbers: 73051-G02 EZ, 9098
SKU 73051G02
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EZGO golf cart Charger Handle/Receptacle 36V Powerwise, 1995-up
Suits various EZGO 36V model carts, refer to image for compatibility.

EZGO RXV 48V DC Charger Plug Only

Part Numbers: 604321, CGR-116, 31479
SKU 604321
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 EZGO RXV 48V Charger DC Plug Only, suits EZGO RXV 2008 - Up

Lester Heat Sink Diode Assy

Part Numbers: 1012102 CC, 1012109 CC, L8385 CC, 1015914 CC, 66505-76 CO, 883215 CU, 883840 CU, 886435 CU, 79-749-00 TD, 79-749-11 TD, CGR-004 RH, 3426
SKU 1015914
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Lester Charger Heat Sink assembly, with diodes
Fits Lester models:

Lester 4mF Capacitor

Part Numbers: 1015910 CC, 603210 EZ, CGR-009 RH, 3438
SKU 1015910
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Lester Charger Capacitor 4MFD (4μF)

Suits Lester models;16500, 14100, 9700, 7710

Club Car Charger Lead 48V

Part Numbers: 1034290-01 CC, 8434
SKU 103429001
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 Club Car DC Charger Lead / Cord Set 48V Powerdrive, 3M long, 1996-up.

Lester Charger Fuse

Part Numbers: 1012101 CC, 66515-76 CO, 883844 CU, 883845 CU, 603207 EZ, 31567-G1 EZ, 31567G1 EZ, 79-831-00 TD, CGR-010 RH
SKU 1012101
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Lester Charger 25-Amp Dual-Link Fuse
Suits Lester models: