48V Lithium LiFEPO4 Battery Kit



Why choose LiFEPO4?

  • Maintenance free (no more acid build up, corrosion to clean or topping up water level)
  • Longer run time (compared to standard lead acid)
  • Quick recharge time - 3hrs (compared to standard lead acid typically 8hrs+)
  • 3 year battery warranty (compared to 1 year standard lead acid)
  • Long life expectancy of up to 7 years (avg life expectancy 4-5 years standard lead acid)
  • Over 2000 cycles opposed to lead acid (500 cycles)
  • Less weight (reduced down to less than 20%) - less wear and tear on overall buggy
  • Long storage capability
  • Overall on going cost of golf cart ownership reduced

The kit includes;

  • 2x 51.2V 27Ah LiFEPO4 battery
  • 1x LiFEPO4 Charger
  • 1x LCD backlit State Of Charge Meter

These battery kits are design to be a direct swap out for your traditional lead acid batteries typically found in various golf carts.

It's time to join the future.

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