Curtis Controller, SepEx, 1268

Part Numbers: 986

Curtis Controller, Sepex, 48V/36V 400A Shunt Controller (Curtis 1268-5403)
Suits various 48V golf carts, 0-5k Ohm, 5k-0 Ohm

Key Features:

  • Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 48V (default setting) or 36V
  • Amature 2 minute current rating (amps): 400
  • Field 2 minute current rating (amps): 50
  • Logic enable and logic power input voltage (minimum): 16.8 V
  • Logic enable and logic power input current (no contactors engaged): 160 mA without programmer; 200 mA with programmer
  • Logic input voltage: 20.0 V High; 7.5 V Low
  • Logic input current 10 mA
  • Throttle Type: various throttles can be used with the 1268 controller, including 5kΩ 3-wire potentiometers
  • Package environmental rating: IP64, IP67


  • PWM operating frequency: 16 kHz
  • Electrical isolation to heatsink (min.): 500 VAC
  • KSI input voltage (minimum): 16.8 V
  • KSI input current (typical): 160 mA without programmer; 200 mA with programmer
  • Ambient operating temperature range: -40°C to 50°C
  • Heatsink overtemperature cutback: starts at 85°C; cutoff at 95°C
  • Heatsink undertemperature cutback: 50% armature current at -25°C

Features Include:

  • Regenerative braking, providing longer operation on a single battery charge and reducing motor brush wear and motor heating
  • Adjustable brake rates, for smooth pedal-release braking
  • Two user-selectable vehicle operating personalities, with vehicle top speed controlled and limited in each mode
  • Motor parameters are programmable to match the characteristics of the specific motor being used
  • Vehicle speed control is enhanced through feedback from a Hall effect speed sensor
  • Anti-rollback function, providing improved control when throttle is released on hills
  • Anti-stall function helps prevent motor commutator damage
  • High pedal disable (HPD) and static return to off (SRO) interlocks prevent vehicle runaway at startup
  • Complete diagnostics through CURTIS Programmer 1313-4401 and through the built-in Status LED, for quick and easy testing, diagnostics, and parameter adjustment
  • WalkAway™ braking feature limits any stopped or key-off rolling to a very low speed
  • Auxiliary driver can be programmed for either an electromagnetic (EM) brake or a WalkAway™ relay
  • Coil driver provides adjustable pull-in and holding voltages to WalkAway™ relay or EM brake
  • Two fault outputs provide diagnostics to remotely mounted displays
  • Reverse signal driver provides a low signal any time the vehicle is traveling in reverse
  • Driver outputs are short circuit protected and provide built-in coil spike protection
  • Brake/Drive Interlock meets ISO stopping distance requirements
  • Warning buzzer sounds steady in reverse, intermittent during WalkAway™ braking
  • Splash resistant plastic cover
  • Meets or exceeds EEC fault detect requirements

If unsure of compatibility, please ask to confirm

PLEASE NOTE; Due to the nature of the item, if controller is not installed by professional, warranty is VOID


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