Golf Cart Tyre Maintenance

Tyre Pressure & Condition


Tyre Pressure

WARNING! Over inflation can result in injury &/or damages. Never over inflate past manufacture specs.

Standard golf cart tyre size is 18x8.5-8 and most have max 22PSI inflation.
We recommended tyre pressure to be between 18-20PSI.
All four tyres should have the same tyre pressure.
Tyre pressures should also be checked every three to four weeks.


Tyre Wear

It's important to check the tyre wear for tread depth & any abnormal wear.
Abnormal wear can be an indication of steering and/or suspension issues which should be addressed.
Tyre treads generally have a wear limit indicator.
When tread reaches that point, you should replace your tyre.
Alternatively, we recommend a miniumum of 2mm tread depth.

 Incorrect tyre pressures & tyre wear can cause issues with; Steering responsiveness, Braking, Battery run time & Performance.