EZGO TXT PDS Diagnostics

Before proceeding, you must have a functioning Reverse Buzzer.
You can easily verify this but putting the Forward and Reverse Switch into the Reverse position and listen for the audible tone.
You also need to make sure you are in a safe environment to conduct driven/loaded testing if required.

To put into diagnostic mode;

  1. Key in the Off position
  2. Make sure Run-Tow switch is in Run position
  3. Move the Forward and Reverse switch from Neutral to Reverse five times with in 10 seconds
  4. Providing you are in a safe environment, you can then turn the Key to the On position and slowly drive to detect any other fault codes

The first series of beeps (one, two, three or four) will indicate which performance mode the cart is set to.

1 - Beep for all-terrain 13.5 mph
2 - Beeps for steep hill 13.5 mph
3 - Beeps for mild hill 14.5 mph
4 - Beeps for freedom 19 mph

The second lot of beeps indicate the fault code/s are present, there can be more then one.
Refer to the EZGO PDS Diagnostic Fault Code for the corresponding Fault Code, symptom and action to take.

To stop diagnostic mode;

  1. Key in the Off position
  2. Switch the Run-Tow switch to Tow position
  3. Wait 10 seconds,
  4. Switch the Run-Tow switch back to Run.