Club Car Precedent & DS IQ Speed Sensor Test

Does your Club Car Precedent IQ or DS IQ go into a "limp" mode?
Do you find intial movement fine, then goes slow? It may be your Speed Sensor.

To conduct simple Speed Sensor test;

  1. On flat level ground, make sure you have ample room to drive.
  2. Check your batteries are clean and charged.
  3. Check cart is in Run.
  4. Turn ignition on and depress accelerator pedal to activate controller logic.
  5. Hop out of cart and push the cart to replicate "Roll Away".

If "Roll Away" function not present, you will either have a faulty Speed Sensor, Speed Sensor Magnet or a break in the wiring.

If "Roll Away" function present, but your speed fluctuates up and down throughout pedal depression. Or the controller stays in "sleep" mode.
You may have a faulty MCOR. Recommend to have your golf cart repairer to confirm diagnoses.